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Change is Good

August 20, 2012


I took this picture while I was in Chicago, IL. It looks like a big sinkhole or black hole which sucks life and energy around it.

I am comparing this to changes that management would like to impose on their employees. Those standing along the rim or the sidelines do not feel much pressure to change. They are still doing the same routine – clock in, lunch break, clock out and go home. They do not really care about what is happening at the top or the sinkhole. Once one gets closer, the force to comply is getting stronger. Whether it is voluntarily or not, it really does not matter. This picture really shows the energy of the process. The destination looks like a yin-yang – an ultimate form of balance.

During the change process, many would go through the tunnel of darkness – feeling depressed, pain, lonely or joy depending on one’s personality. I would feel energized. What about you?

Change is good!

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