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Santa Duckling (Shake, Shake, Shake…)

December 24, 2012


I bought this Santa duckling snow-globe last Christmas. I have been thinking about using it on a set for this Christmas. Hmm! how about a greeting message to all my friends!?! My plan: I would like to create an atmosphere like a spot-light shinning on this lovely duckling.

In order to get a complete darkness, I have to do the shooting at night. I cannot use flash or video light because they are just too strong. To snoot a flash will be way too much work and overkill. So, I found the pen-size LED light for this job.

I placed the Santa duckling on a black color backdrop and used the LED light to create this dramatic effect. Of course, a little [shaking] would help. I took about 10 pictures. This is the one I like most.

Some asked me about the LED-light I used. Here is the picture of it. I bought it from one of the home improvement stores. I always keep a couple LED lights in my bag for special occasions.


Have a very Merry Christmas!


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