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Star of the day – Ladybug

March 4, 2013

“Spring is here.”

Last weekend after shopping, I came across a ladybug sunbathing on my car door. I quickly found a piece of paper, built a make shift mobile home to transport her home. She was so full of energy, crawling around the poster board I used for this photo shoot.


Super-macro in action. She is not this big!


“What’s on the other side of the card?”


Crawling on my business card.


Try to fly.


Here is the trick for this photo shoot.

Insect like ladybug has the instinct to crawl around edges. I put my business card on top of an upside down glass. This poor thing just kept crawling around the business card. Since she crawled so fast, my camera really had hard time to chase it in super-macro mode. The lens was so close to her. At one point, she saw herself from the reflection of the lens. She thought it was another ladybug, she raised her front claws to try to fight. Interesting!


I released her after the photo shoot.  She should be still somewhere in my backyard.

The day after, I saw another ladybug (not her) in another side of the yard. I hope they will meet each other and start a family. I love ladybugs!



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