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Beauty and the Bees

March 18, 2013

I came across this swamp of bees this afternoon. They were really busy collecting nectar from the shrub (Dwarf Yaupon Holly).

If you can stand the buzzing sound around you and don’t afraid of bees, you may try taking some bee pictures too. I was stung by a bee before. So, I know I have no allergic reaction to bee sting. This is why I have the courage to do a photo session for them.


The most important tip when taking pictures of the bees is NOT to disturb them. Let them do their thing even though they fly around you. Do not overreact and they will leave you alone. One or two did fly around me to check me out. I just stood there, let them “inspect” me. No harm done!

While I was taking their pictures, a ladybug (“the Beauty”) landed on my arm. My guess is that it could be the same ladybug I released a couple weeks ago. It was at the same shrub I released her. She probably came to say hello!


Hover towards another flower.


The nectar is so delicious!



Other tips are:

No perfume or cologne (I did all these right after doing yard work – sweaty).

Wear dark color (I worn navy blue color tee).

Use macro lens.

Auto-focus (spot metering).

Use the cloudy setting on white balance (to enrich the color).

Shutter priority: Faster than 1/500 shutter speed. I used 1/640 on some of those.

Fast lens because of the fast shutter speed. I used f2.5 to f4 for all these.

Snap like crazy – I got about 10 keepers out of 150.

Must be a calm sunny day with no wind.

Lots of luck.

* Bees are friends. Don’t kill them!

Checkout the ladybug post if you miss it previously:


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  1. Beebah permalink
    March 20, 2013 8:37 pm

    Love these photos.

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