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Father’s Day Morning

June 16, 2013

Old saying: “Early bird gets the worm.”

This morning: Early rising photographer gets the light.

Morning dews on leaf

It was a calm summer morning. I did my usual early morning walk. The sun was rising at the time when I finished. I saw this beautiful, yummy light falling on the leaves of the plants in my backyard. I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few.

Dews on leaf

Just want to share a short poem I wrote.

Father’s Day Morning

by Eddie Lee

Early morning on this Father’s Day.
Get up and walk the usual way.
Birds are singing like dedicated from the deejay.
Squirrels are chasing each other in a race.
Puffy clouds are joining a parade.
Looking down on this early morning day.
Leaves from the vine act like a dinner plate.
Try to hide the dews in the shade.
Thank you for starting my day in such a great way.
To my Heavenly Father – Happy Father’s Day!

Dews on leaf

Hope you like the pictures and the poem.

Happy Father’s Day!


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