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Super Half Moon

June 30, 2013

Super Half Moon

This is the half moon picture I took at 4 a.m. in the morning. Today is exactly a week after the Supermoon. I may say this is the Super Half Moon.

A poem I wrote:

Half Dark or Half Bright?

by Eddie Lee

Woke up in the middle of the night!
Floor was decorated with a ray of moonlight.
It is the Super Half Moon tonight.
Is it half dark or half bright?
So as how we see our life.
Are you in the spotlight?
Or, becoming a backlight?
Are you getting excited?
Or, feeling very uptight?
Are you bothered by the stop light?
Or, zooming through the green light?
Are you riding the kite?
Or, preparing for a good fight?
Are you drowning in the hindsight?
Or, going forward with an insight?
Life is short, my friend, Mike!
Get the fire in your heart ignited.
Go chase the dreams that you like.
Do the right thing and do it right!

Enjoy the picture and the poem.


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