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Lucky 7 Birthday Cake

July 16, 2013

Slot Machine

I haven’t heard from Amanda for a few weeks.  While I was wondering what was going on with my little baker, she popped up on the driveway. Trunk opened. She was in the middle of cake delivery, and wanted me to snap a few before she sent this off to her client.

The cake was  decorated with the color of happiness – red with yellow on a side. It is for a birthday – a day for Valerie to celebrate.

Below is a little poem I wrote about this event.

Lucky 7 Birthday Cake poem

by Eddie Lee

A “Play to Win” to celebrate.
Numbers and numbers keep rotate.
What you gonna say? What you gonna say?
You hit a jackpot on your b-day.
A triple seven just up my heart rate.
Lucky girl, you have it your way.
A cake from Amanda is A-okay!
Baked with love plus a little innovate.
Now, you don’t even need to wait.
Go try the cake with a cup of Latte.
A great combination right out of the gate.
What I gonna say? What I gonna say?….
Wishing you a very happy birthday!

By the way, today is also Amanda’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Manda Roo!!!


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