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Stress Sharing @ Bar Louie

August 11, 2013

Be Happy

With a hard-pressing deadline on one of our big projects, my fellow teammates decided to take a break and went to enjoy a few drinks at Bar Louie. It is like a stress sharing event. You heard it right – stressing sharing. With a little help from the alcohol, we tend to be more open to vent or rant about anything.

We cannot avoid stress. The way to coup with it is to share it with others. While talking about it, someone may offer a solution to relieve your particular kind of stress!

Bar Louie

Happy Hour

by Eddie Lee

Hot summer day hideout with my buddies

At a place called Bar Louie.

Cold beer and burger for my tummy.

Office gossip from Nancy and Sussie.

Bobby talks about his trip to Tahiti.

Jackie loves a show called Mindy.

Laura orders a glass of Bloody Mary.

Jamie tries to show us how to make tamale.

Who cares about whether it is newsworthy.

Just hang out, eat, drink and be happy!


@ the corner of West 7th and Norwood.


We should do more on stressing sharing. It is healthy and good for team building.


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