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Backlit Lust

September 1, 2013

Early morning sun + a leaf with defined texture = a yummy picture.

Backlit Lust - Jade

I positioned my camera underneath a leaf at an angle so the sun could peek through the bottom. I am loving the translucent green color of the leaf and the lens flare.

This was my first time taking plant pictures using this new perspective. I was not following the usual approach on taking pictures from the top or the side.

After taking this picture, I echoed this “trying something new” experience back to my daily life. I, like many, try to find a magic formula of life. That is, I want an assurance – if I do this, I would get an expected results in return. I try to find a pattern here. Why? A predictable reward, a sure-win trophy, definitely makes me feel safe and comfortable. However, life is not as simple as 1+1=2. It could be 11. It could be anything and, hopefully, not turn out to be negative.

The basic requirements to try something new are to have a positive attitude, a willingness to try, and an open-mind. We only have x number of days to live. We can either live happily (ever after!?) or sadly throughout. To me, the answer is just so obvious.

It takes courage, lots of it, to step out of the comfort zone. One reminder: be prepared to face disappointments. Just like the last couple days, I have been trying to solve a computer issue at my day job. I tried so many times. They all failed big time. I was very frustrated. At some point, I even thought about giving up. But I kept telling myself that I could do it. On and on, by the end of the second day, I had a breakthrough. I not only learned something new, but I also received one of the sweetest rewards mentally. This is what money can’t buy!

Life is full of challenges. It is just a matter of your perspective on how to face them. A positive attitude is half way to the finish line.




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