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Face the Sun. Shoot the Rose.

September 23, 2013

This is another macro of a back-lighted subject. How do you describe the color combo? Is it yellow on blue? Well, may I suggest yellow on sun!

Yellow Rose

I love the lens flare and the translucent effects of the leaves and the petals.

Yellow on Sun Poem

by Eddie Lee

Sun beams love to tango,
With soft tender yellow petals.
What a sweet lovely combo.
Dance like there is no tomorrow.
Did you see a little sparrow?
Keeping an eye on this little couple.
“I love you!” said the light pixels.
Blush, blush, tiptoes and follow the flow.
“Honey, you just make me glow and glow.”
Oh! no, someone is taking our photo.
We better behave before it goes viral.

Yellow on sun


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