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{No. 107} Snow White and the Evil Robot

December 8, 2013

Did you ever wonder why the snow does not look white in the picture? The culprit is the computer inside your camera. It is tuned by the manufacturer to show the standard 18% gray. So, when you take a picture, the little computer in the camera will automatically adjust the exposure to reduce the amount of light hitting the sensor.

Here is my experiment using the Manual mode of my camera.

The first picture is based on the “What You See Is What You Get” meter setting – this is what the camera thinks the picture should look like.

Snow White 01

The second one I opened up by one f-stop with the same shutter speed:

Snow White 02

It is better but still not what you see in the real world.

The third one I opened up by two f-stop’s. Shutter speed remains the same.

Snow White 03

It is closer to what I see.

The fourth one I opened up three f-stop’s:

Snow White 04

It is overexposed.

Now, here is the 50 shades of white question. Which shade of white do you prefer? It is a personal taste. I would open up 2-stops and fine-tune that in post-processing.


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  1. Jacque Payne permalink
    December 8, 2013 6:57 pm

    Love the title, and yes, I have wondered that same question. Thanks Eddie Lee!!!

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