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{No. 144} Morning Touchdown

June 17, 2014

AT&T Stadium

I am pretty sure that there are thousands of pictures of this AT&T Stadium on the web. I am now adding one of mine to the mix. I took this picture last weekend. Does it look too commercial?

Since its opening in May 2009, the stadium has generated a lot of revenue for local businesses. The city of Arlington has done an excellent job on traffic and crowd control. I have been inside the stadium a few times. The design is very well-thought.

My plan is to take a night version of the stadium in the future.


Morning Touchdown
by Eddie Lee

I’m happy because of
this beautiful sky in the morning!
I’m happy because
I found a place with free parking.
I’m happy because
the great view was not blocking.
I’m happy because
I am going to do the sharing.
I’m happy because
there are no referees around watching.
I’m happy because
I will not be fined by doing the victory dancing.
I’m happy because
I really like this picture’s post processing.
I’m happy because
I just finish another blogging ๐Ÿ™‚



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