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{No. 158} Sunny-side Up II

September 15, 2014

Sunnyside Up

Good morning friends!

I cooked a sunny-side up as one of the treats for myself in the breakfast. I love the runny, liquid-y yolk. After practicing cooking this for years, I believe I have mastered the skill. I am pretty much 10 for 10 now. 😉

Have you noticed that there is “egg smell” when cooking a sunny-side up. It is the blend of oil and egg white I guess. I just love the smell of it. Some wake up by coffee smell, my brain wakes up by “egg smell”. It makes me feel so morning-ish. Yes, it’s time to kick start another busy week.

Runny Sunny Side Up

Now, this is the best yummy part. I am not going to spend more time on blogging because I don’t like a cold solidified yolk. Bye y’all. Have a great Monday!

May the force be with you!


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