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{No. 170} Being Disturbed

November 17, 2014


The reaction to being disturbed is pretty black and white. There is no such thing as “kind of disturbed”. In our daily life, we might act courteous to either say nothing or respond by saying “no problem”.

Below is the original picture I took on my way to the Duck Pond about a month ago. I spotted this telephone pole with tangled cables hanging. It was around noon. The light was not perfect.


The concept of tangled wires or cables was kind of brewing in my mind. I have been struggling to present that concept in visual though. One day while I  was walking in my neighborhood, the idea of “being disturbed” just dawned on me. The rest is history.

To put this in a positive spin, I wrote lines of negative words and flipped them upside down. The telephone pole with cables becomes the culprit of disturbance.

Hope you like the final work.



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