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{No. 175} Night Journey

December 15, 2014

Day and Night

I love driving after midnight in the business district of Fort Worth. The day time hustle bustle were all gone. The quiet, empty streets were well-lit. I especially love to wait in front of a red light – just me, my camera, my car and the stop light. The silence is such a big contrast to the noise from the business hours. Occasionally, I might see a few coming out from a bar wandering along the street, or a couple making out in some dark alley. That’s just life!

The final picture above was a combination of the following two I took in about a month apart. It is the fourth version of the combo.

Day and Night combo

I was playing with the concept of red light on top of a highway. The three versions I tried did not come out right. Below is one of them (probably version two).


Day and Night 0,jpg

With the tragic incident from Sydney yesterday, I came up with an idea using night as the only background. A passage of hope penetrates through the center of the night (evil) with red lights (danger) surrounding it. Once the inspiration was here, I constructed the piece in just about half an hour.

Hope you like it.




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  1. Magyn Puga permalink
    December 16, 2014 8:56 am

    Cool Eddie! ☺

    Magyn Puga
    Sales & Marketing, CU Members Mortgage
    O 800-607-3474 x3298 | C 432-270-0919
    15455 Dallas Parkway, Suite 900 | Addison, TX 75001
    [CU Members logo color]

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