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{No. 185} Hesitate No More

February 9, 2015

Two dogs and a lady

One of the things that really annoys many photographers is to miss a shot. Should that be they don’t have a camera with them, the camera is in the trunk of the car,  they don’t have the right lens, or they simply not quick enough to catch that split-second moment.

I missed many great opportunities because of my indecisiveness. I hesitated. By the time I made up my mind, the “thing” had already passed.

This afternoon on my way home, I saw a girl with two dogs in her car. Her car was right next to mine. We were waiting at the red light. This time, I quickly grabbed my camera and took a snapshot. Yes, just one picture because the light turned green afterwards. You see the picture was not really sharp because of this paparazi “hit and run” action. Anyway, our cars had been leapfrogging over each other. But her car would never be at the right position at the right time again. She eventually turned right to another street and I headed on to the freeway.

If I did not make up my mind instantly, I will not have this picture to post here.





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