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{No. 187} Amarillo en Rojo

February 23, 2015

Amarillo en Rojo

I just love it when everything comes together. I picked up this big piece of stone block from a neighborhood park last weekend. When I saw it the first time, it was “…just a stone…” Strange thing started to happen, I was thinking about it during the workout. Weird, I know! When I returned to the same location, I started to look for it. I could not find it at first. It took me a few minutes to finally locate it. Now, it is mine. I placed it in my backyard next to the stone pebbles I collected.

Yesterday, before the storm hit. I put a pot of tulip right next to it. The wind was blowing really hard. Some of the tulip petals fell off.

We had an ice storm last night. Ice pellets were sprinkled on this red tulip petal which was like the Sleeping Beauty laying on top of this special stone. I could not rearrange any because all were ice-bounded. Frozen! This picture was from the “AS IS” set. No human intervention whatsoever. The temperature was at 27F (about -3C) when I took this picture.

I really love the combination of the color and the stone. The ice pellets reminds me a cold night in a desert. This picture is overall just so Spanish to me. Hence, I named it Amarillo en Rojo (Yellow on Red). I LOVE it very much!!


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