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{No. 239} Heart Healthy

January 31, 2016

Heart shaped bananas

My mother-in-law had a minor stroke last week. * She is a-okay now! Thank, God! * That incident reminded me about the potassium rich bananas which are great for our heart.

I am thinking of making a poster to remind people about heart healthy. It consists of bananas arranged in a heart shape. So, I got into action this morning. First, I tried a couple bananas to form a kind of heart shape. That was okay, not good enough even after applying some photoshop techniques. The second attempt was to use just one banana. I used photoshop to bent it to the shape I like, combined it with a mirror copy. Then, I tweaked a little bit more to the merged copy. Here it is – the final product.

So, my blog world friend, hope this picture would remind you to eat more banana and keep your heart healthy.



#banana #heart #healthy #food #photography


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