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{No. 246} One moon at a time

March 22, 2016

One moon at a time

Full moon always gets my attention. It is the same moon. But its appearance is different every time. It shows up like a lady in a fashion show. Sometimes, it is shy and is kind of hidden behind clouds. Sometimes, it is just right in front of your face. Sometimes, it does not even bother to show up. Today, it was showing up with an army of clouds. It was like in a parade!


About this picture: It is a little blurry. I was heading west this morning. This big full moon was right in front of the windshield. I was debating whether taking its picture or not. But I had no tripod. I found a place to park the car and took a few. I was hand-holding the camera which was sitting on the steeling wheel inside the car. The exposure time was 1.6 seconds at ISO 125.


#fullmoon #moon #longexposure

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