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{No. 308} Day 16: Mama Bird is Missing!

July 18, 2017

Poor papa bird

When I reached home this evening, I saw papa bird standing on the lawn – frozen. He did not even recognize me when I approached him. His mind must be onto something. He finally “woke up” when I was about six feet from him. He hopped to the nearby fence.

As usual, I went ahead and checked on the mama bird. Oh! no! It is an empty nest. I looked at papa bird and he looked at me. Well, hopefully, she would show up soon.

After dinner, he was still standing on the fence looking at the empty nest. I grabbed a camera with me. When I got closer, he flew to my neighbor’s roof. But he was still facing the nest with a worm in his beak.

Where are you mama bird?

I talked to him, tried to comfort him. But his eyes were glazing at the nest all the time. He let me get closer to him. Guess I was his only friend now.

Papa bird

The sun had set. It is now pitch dark outside. I have checked one more time to see if mama bird is back. Nope! I believe papa bird is not what Tani, a friend of mine,  called a “deadbeat dad”. He does care! I hope mama bird will show up in the morning then.


#AmericanRobin #missing #worm




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