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{No. 296} Meet the Cardinals

April 25, 2017


I was watering the bushes in the front yard this evening. Without aware they were living there, I accidentally splashed some water onto their nest. They were scared and so did I. It is a family of four – the parents and two chicks.

So, I grabbed my camera and followed the chirping voice. I have located this poor little chick. He is not able to fly yet. I snapped a few of him while the papa Cardinal was sitting up there watching every movement of me.

I hope they stay after my rude disturbance to their live. To the Cardinals, you are more than welcome to stay as long as you want.



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{No. 295} Perfectly Imperfect

April 19, 2017

Perfectly Imperfect

This cupcake is the ugly duckling of the batch. Nobody wants to pick this one with very flattened uneven icing. It is a defect. Guess what, I like it. I pick it up. I even give it a photo session of its own. I am focusing on the colorful sprinkles, the wrapper and the uneven artistically placement of icing. Don’t give up, the underdogs, the ugly ducklings out there, one day, you will be picked and become the star of the show!

#cupcake #life #quote #ugly #star




{No. 294} Bluebonnet Close Up

April 6, 2017


It is Spring here in Texas. Bluebonnets are everywhere. This picture was taken from my neighbor’s front yard. It is almost impossible to home grown wildflower like Bluebonnet. But she did it. She made it happen!

Enjoy the picture.




{No. 293} City Lights

March 22, 2017

City Lights

Just me sitting in the car, watching the city lights, daydreaming and enjoying the quietness.


#city #lights #quiet




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