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{No. 314} Day 30: My Bad :(

August 2, 2017

First one on the ground

This evening, I held my camera closer to the American Robin nest. All in a sudden, the big brother birdie just jumped off the nest. No, he did not know how to fly. He just landed on the patch of grass then hopped along.

Papa bird noticed that immediately. Oh! he was beyond mad. He flew over my head a few times to protest. He was screaming. I bet he was cursing me too. I guess I deserved this angry bird treatment :(.

Here is a picture of the landing pad. I intentionally not mowed this area. I was expecting exactly the same thing.Day 30 Landing pad



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{No. 313} Day 28: Feed Me

July 31, 2017

Feed Me

This baby American Robin had mistakenly thought that my camera was the mama bird. They are growing big, more and more feathers from their bodies. I imagine they will start flying (leaving the nest) within a few days.

#AmericanRobin #feed #feathers #nest #eddielee #photography #nature


{No. 312} Day 25: Feeding Time

July 27, 2017

Feeding Time

Mama and papa are busy shuttling food (worms) to feed the babies. These baby  American Robins are not chirping yet. They eat and sleep all day long – just like human counterparts.

#AmericanRobin #babies #bird #nature #photography


{No. 311} Day 22: Papa Bird Delivers

July 24, 2017

Papa Bird Delivers

It was a rainy morning. Guess who was standing on top of my neighbor’s roof.

Rain or shine, papa bird delivers!

He was waiting for the signal from mama bird to drop off the worm. Sometimes, mama bird would simply reject the food – too tiny, less protein, not fresh enough, etc. Poor papa would then make another trip to go find a better one. This picture is him standing in the rain, waiting for mama bird’s approval.

#AmericanRobin #feed #worm #bird #eddielee




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