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{No. 321} Break Time

September 18, 2017

Taking a break

My intention of this still life photograph is to show the angle of light, shadows and lines. The set is very similar to the practice in the 60s – the old school. The yellow tone of newspaper just added a dash of mood to the whole picture.

Hope you like it.


#style #stilllife #photography







{No. 320} Little White Flower

September 17, 2017

Little White Flower

Good Sunday morning, everyone! I have been busy with my day job. Yeah! gotta made some dinaro (denaro in Italian) first.

This little white flower was in my backyard early this morning. It was from some kind of summer weeds. I decided to take a picture of it before my mower ran over all these. It is now gone! It remains a digit memory before the end of this 2017 summer.

#summer #weeds #whiteflower




{No. 319} Coconut Tart

August 28, 2017

Coconut tart

Coconut tart is one of my favorites. It tastes even better with coffee or milk.






{No 318} Day 41 Empty Nest

August 17, 2017

Empty nest

What left is an empty nest. Papa bird did come back a couple times to chat with me. How do I know? He always has a feather sticking out on his right back. This poor guy really needs someone to take care him. 🙂

I still could not figure out what made egg #4 disappear.


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