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{No. 360} Early Birds

July 16, 2018

Early Birds 37647 promo

I saw three persons and three birds in the picture. Should I name this picture 3 versus 3? This is a picture I took while I was visiting South Padre Island a couple months ago.

Enjoy the picture.


#earlybirds #sunrise





{No. 359} Pink Lilies

July 5, 2018


Guess what, I am more productive to my art adventure while I am on vacation. My brain is taking a break. I am more energized – more artistic juice is flowing.

Here it is, another picture with watercolor effects. I have been trying different instructions from the web. It ends up I am creating my own. And, I love my new secret formula.

Enjoy the picture.

If you would like to own a copy of the artwork, here is the link to my online store.

#pink #flower #lilies




{No. 358} Celebrating Fourth

July 4, 2018


A photograph of mine from last night’s fireworks was converted into watercolor painting. I like the effect! 🙂

Once again, it is July Fourth. It is the day we celebrate the privilege of living in this great nation. Freedom comes with responsibility. Respect other’s opinions. Don’t force yours onto others. Have an independent mind. Don’t be manipulated by the media. Enjoy life. Have faith and trust God.

God bless America!

#HappyFourth #celebrate #July4th


{No. 357} Orange Green

July 2, 2018

Orange Green - small

During the last couple weeks, I have been falling in love with watercolor effect. This is one of the final products.

Hope you like it.

#watercolor #orange #green




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