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{No. 300} Side by Side

June 6, 2017


The picture was taken by a friend of mine. The one on the right is the original. The one on the left is after I did a little work on it in Photoshop. I adjusted the color tone, did a little sharpen and removed the dirt under her right arm.


#touchup #airbrush #photoshop

{No. 299} Spider in the Rain

May 29, 2017

Spider in the rain

I once chatted with a display presenter in the Amon Carter Museum. He was there to tell stories about the history of photography. He said he spent lots of time in his backyard looking for things to shoot. It was raining yesterday. I happened to come across this lovely spider “hanging out” in the rain.

Enjoy the picture.



#spider #macrophotography #web #insect #nature

{No. 298} Intermittent

May 16, 2017


This is the continuation to yesterday’s Water Column post. With very fast shutter speed, the water appears not in a continuous column. It does split up into multiple chunks.

Enjoy the picture.


#water #highspeed #intermittent


{No. 297} Water Column

May 15, 2017

Water Current

The mercury look alike water column is decorated by the reflection of the morning clouds.

This picture was shot at 1/2000th of a second. Water appears to be frozen at this high speed.

Enjoy the picture.



#frozen #water #highspeed


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