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{No 318} Day 41 Empty Nest

August 17, 2017

Empty nest

What left is an empty nest. Papa bird did come back a couple times to chat with me. How do I know? He always has a feather sticking out on his right back. This poor guy really needs someone to take care him. 🙂

I still could not figure out what made egg #4 disappear.


{No. 317} Day 35: Number Three has left the nest.

August 7, 2017

Ready to Jump

This is Number Three. The last of all the baby chicks. Mama bird had laid four eggs. I am wondering what has happened to the last egg. I only saw three chicks so far. Now, Number Three is getting ready to jump.

Run Babe Run

His wings are not strong enough to fly yet. So, he could only hop around once he landed on the ground. I was following him until he escaped to the other side of the yard. I just hope that he would not be the lunch for the neighborhood cats.

What left is an empty nest 😦 Thank you for bringing the joyful moments the last few weeks. You guys are more than welcome to come back next year to start a new family here again.


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{No. 316} Day 33: Hello World

August 5, 2017

Number Two

It is pretty close to the end of the whole American Robin series. Picture shown here is baby chick number two. I saw him standing there early this morning. Yes, papa bird was about 20 feet away watching me taking pictures of his baby. But he was very calm. I bet it was the apologize talk I was with him yesterday. According to the bird experts, birds do listen. So, I tried and talked with him yesterday, saying sorry, in a very calm voice. I guess he took it!

Number two is now out of the nest. I bet number three will not be far away from leaving.


#AmericanRobin #bird #calm #talk #two #sorry




{No. 315} Day 31: Angry Bird

August 3, 2017

Angry Bird

When I walked out to the backyard this morning, I was greeted by the angry papa American Robin. He still remembered what I did yesterday. He continued his screaming. More, he had his buddies, two more angry birds, flying around me to show off. Gangster birds!

Even with all these, it was still better than the Mockingbird. Many years ago, I tried to pick up a baby Mockingbird from the ground. The mama bird did dive bomb me and hit my head. They sure knew how to protect their babies.


#AmericanRobin #angry #bird #chick #Mockingbird #eddielee


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