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{No. 328} Burnt Orange

November 24, 2017

Burnt orange maple

The burnt orange is one of my favorite fall foliage colors. I came across this tree today, the day after Thanksgiving. I surely need to give thanks to the big guy above because I have been wanting to include this color palette in my collection for years.

I even planned to drive two hours to Tyler State Park to take fall color pictures a few weeks ago. On that day, one of the tires got a screw. I ended up spending a couple hours waiting for the mechanic to patch it. So, I cancelled the trip.

My next encounter was a couple weeks ago at the parking lot of my church. I had a real camera with me at that time. Unfortunately, I forgot we went back to the regular time (not Daylight Saving Time anymore). By the time, I got out the service, it was dark. Then, the whole week following was cloudy and gloomy. When the sun finally  came out, all these orange red leaves had changed to brown. Disappointed.

I was doing my usual walk around the neighborhood this afternoon. Voila! there it is. I feel like I win the lottery. The burnt orange color palette – checked!!!



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{No. 327} Fiery Moon Rise

November 5, 2017

Fiery Moon Rising


Enjoy the picture.


#fiery #moonrise


{No. 326} Line up

November 2, 2017


This special pumpkins line up is from one of my neighbors. I guess it is officially fall now.

Enjoy the cool weather, friends!


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{No. 325} Eight Birds

October 12, 2017

Eight Birds

Just hanging out!





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