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{No. 311} Day 22: Papa Bird Delivers

July 24, 2017

Papa Bird Delivers

It was a rainy morning. Guess who was standing on top of my neighbor’s roof.

Rain or shine, papa bird delivers!

He was waiting for the signal from mama bird to drop off the worm. Sometimes, mama bird would simply reject the food – too tiny, less protein, not fresh enough, etc. Poor papa would then make another trip to go find a better one. This picture is him standing in the rain, waiting for mama bird’s approval.

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{No. 310} Day 21: The Babies are Here!

July 23, 2017

Baby American Robins

About a couple minutes after I snapped this picture this afternoon, mama bird was back. I was lucky! It seems like these babies are about three or four days old. Their eyes were not open. They just opened their mouths to wait for mama bird to feed them. Were they chirping? I was only about a foot away from them. The answer is not yet.

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{No. 309} Day 17: Mama Bird is Back!

July 19, 2017

Mama bird is back

Before I left the house this morning, I checked the nest one more time. She’s back!

I wonder whether she was ‘cold feet’ so flew away to get a few drinks before coming back to be a full time mom or ran away after a big argument with papa bird. Anyway, I am glad she is back. 🙂



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{No. 308} Day 16: Mama Bird is Missing!

July 18, 2017

Poor papa bird

When I reached home this evening, I saw papa bird standing on the lawn – frozen. He did not even recognize me when I approached him. His mind must be onto something. He finally “woke up” when I was about six feet from him. He hopped to the nearby fence.

As usual, I went ahead and checked on the mama bird. Oh! no! It is an empty nest. I looked at papa bird and he looked at me. Well, hopefully, she would show up soon.

After dinner, he was still standing on the fence looking at the empty nest. I grabbed a camera with me. When I got closer, he flew to my neighbor’s roof. But he was still facing the nest with a worm in his beak.

Where are you mama bird?

I talked to him, tried to comfort him. But his eyes were glazing at the nest all the time. He let me get closer to him. Guess I was his only friend now.

Papa bird

The sun had set. It is now pitch dark outside. I have checked one more time to see if mama bird is back. Nope! I believe papa bird is not what Tani, a friend of mine,  called a “deadbeat dad”. He does care! I hope mama bird will show up in the morning then.


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