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Poem: Salute to Single Moms

May 12, 2013


Salute to Single Moms

by Eddie Lee

Hats off to all single mothers.

Whether you are a scientist or a home-maker.

Always running on empty 24 hours.

From potty trainer to PTA leader.

Not to mention you need to act as a father figure.

And, pretend everything is okay in front of others.

Deep down you know you have to be stronger.

Tougher than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As charming as Sarah Jessica Parker.

Back to real life, you daydreamer.

Driving an almighty four-wheeler.

Busing kids around never easier.

Bet you do need a lot of prayers,

To make life better and easier.

“Do you want to start it over?”

Nobody but you would know the answer.

Don’t forget to read a few scriptures.

With God, you can be a conqueror.

Just take it easy and do whatever.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day, Princess Warrior!

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